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GOIM2 / ReportingProblems

1. Reporting Problems for GOIM 2

For most cases it should be sufficient if you head over to the Problems Forum and describe your problem - if you encountered any error dialogs, you should save the output of the 'details' tab and paste it into your post.

2. Logfiles

If this still is not enough information to hunt down the bug you might be asked to send log files. Since GOIM 2 is still in a very early alpha stage it will log almost everything.

There are two logs of interest - If you use the default settings they will be under the 'goim' directory where you have extracted the downloaded archive.

Unfortunately the forum currently has no attachment feature - so when asked you will have to send these log files per email.

Since these log files are never deleted, but just appended you don't necessarily need to copy the files as soon as there is an error - the old log output will not be overwritten. But to make it easier to track down the relevant errors you should remember the time and date of the error.

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