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1. Alpha Version !!

Please note, that GOIM 2 is still in a very early alpha stage. This means that it is not even feature complete.

For a more appropriate version see http://goim.us

If you still want to try out GOIM 2, I would appreciate any feedback you can give me. Simple visit the forum and post your feedback there.

2. Binaries

Currently I'm only providing windows binaries - If you require another build you can always download the source code.

Please note again, that this is an alpha version which is still buggy and has quite a few missing features. If you invest your time in downloading and trying out GOIM 2 please provide feedback in the forum - If you encounter any problems see in addition GOIM2/ReportingProblems which will give you a brief intro into log files.

To run GOIM 2 you will need Java 5 or later - Simply extract the zip file into some directory and run goim.exe

And finally ... here is the ...

3. Source Code

You can checkout the publically available subversion repository:


If you want to get GOIM2 running in development mode, (ie. compile it yourself) look at Development/SetUpIDE

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