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Contact List Screenshot About GOIM - GOIM is a full featured (jabber/xmpp) instant messenger client. [ More about GOIM ]

Downloads - Download GOIM 1.1.0 (Binary releases available for Windows and Linux x86)

GOIM is searching for Developers, Doc Writers and Testers, If you are interested contact me by jabber: or email:
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2007-08-19 00:04:54 GOIM 2 - First alpha release:

I have just uploaded the first alpha "release" to sourceforge.

So you can start playing around with GOIM 2 and provide feedback. Please don't expect too much just yet :)

Head over to the GOIM 2 website: to get all relevant information.

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2006-10-01 01:50:37 Status / GOIM 2.0.0 Progress:

It's been a while since the last release, so i'm just giving a short status update.. Since 3 months (ie. since the release of GOIM 1.1) I'm developing on GOIM 2.0 which main feature enhancement will be native support for multiple Protocols. (Beside beeing practically rewritten from scratch) - It currently works with Jabber (still the main protocol ..) and Oscar (ICQ/AIM) - and i hope to integrate xfire before the release of GOIM 2.0 (which i want to release in november).
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2006-07-21 19:35:00 Again .. spam,spam and spam ..:

i've now also disabled anonymous postings of feature / bug reports .. because i've got dozend of useless spam posts .. so if you've found a bug or have an idea for a great new feature, please register first.. and log in .. to post a bug/feature report.. or.. just send me an email ;)
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2006-07-26 17:58:42 GOIM 1.1.0 Mac OS X Version + 100 % Clean award from Softpedia:

Ever wondered how GOIM looks on MacOSX ? .. i did.. and.. the people at softpedia made a couple of screenshots:
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2006-07-16 16:14:54 StatsTracking - aggregation:

i've just discovered that the cronjob to aggregate the statistics of the Stats Tracking was disabled.. :) .. so i enabed it again .. the graphics in the 'Stats Tracking' section are now updated again (once per hour) .. i know they aren't that great yet anyway .. but if you have any idea on what would make better statistics, let me know ..
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Gamers Own Instant Messenger

GOIM is a full featured jabber / XMPP client with special features (extensions) for gamers. (e.g. broadcasting a notification when you join a server.. and see which games others play and join them with one click on the game icon beside their name)
It uses the Eclipse Rich Client Plattform ( ) as GUI and SMACK ( as its jabber library.

You can also use GOIM as Eclipse Plugin: InsideEclipse


GOIM's basic messaging and presence features as well as the detection (and broadcasting) of game connections are stable enough to be used as Instant Messenger. (This is why i've decided that it is overall stable enough to be called 1.0.0)

But there are still many Features missing i would like to add to GOIM so altough already usable, it's by far not a final version.

Implemented Features

Planned Features

(For a more detailed list of todos you may look at Features)

Used Libraries

(Maybe incomplete) List of Libraries used in GOIM:


Currently there are two different contact lists. One simple which is based on a tree component and a more fancy variation which is currently not maintained and therefore not recommended for usage.. (unless i find someone to continue development on it)

Beside every contact you can see which games someone is playing online and in the tooltip you can see the server IP or server name depending on the game. You can connect to the same server by simply clicking on one of the icons.

GOIM supports dozens of other IM features of jabber like MultiUserChat:

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