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This is just a rough collection of features and planned features. It is far from a complete list. You might also want to look into the "Bugs / Feature Requests" section of this page for more planned features or to add your own thoughts (you might also want to discuss them before in the Forums if not sure if it's a good idea or if it can be implemented.)

Jabber related Features

GOIM is based on the open source instant messaging protocol Jabber and therefore inherits all of it's features. I won't explain all details about Jabber here, so you might want to look here: http://www.jabber.org/user/userguide/

But one of the most important features of Jabber is that it supports a system called gateways which makes it possible to communicate with people on other IM Services (like ICQ,AIM,MSN,Yahoo,etc.) transparently to the user and client. You only need to register with a gateway like icq.myjabber.net with your ICQ number and password and all your contacts will be important into your jabber contact list (roster).

Gamer-specific Features

if something says "UNTESTED" please provide Feedback if it works (or if it doesn't), on all other games please report bugs (ie. if it does not work).

similar if there are any other comments like "no regkey available ?" consider providing Feedback if you know better.

(QUERY) means that server name queries are implemented
(REGKEY) means that it will autodetect installed games by reading the registry key.

IM Features

JEPs (Jabber Enhancement Proposals)

see http://www.jabber.org/protocol/

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