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Window Setup for GOIM 1.1.0: From Sourceforge or Mirror hosted on this server (Please only use this if you are experiencing problems with sourceforge)

(Windows Setup will download Java if it is not already installed, so you won't need to download any additional software)

Linux and MacOSX Binaries

GOIM Requires JRE 5.0, Download it from:

Get Binaries from SourceForge (Win32, Linux GTK and macOSX builds)

(Please note, that the current linux build won't detect game connections, it can only be used as 'normal' Jabber Client)

Eclipse Update Site

If you want to run GOIM inside of eclipse as plugin, you only need to point your update manager to (Requires Java 1.5 !) .. for more information look to:

Notification of New Releases

Want to get notified when a new GOIM version is released ? Nothing simpler than that, just subscribe at freshmeat GOIM Project page or at sourceforge project page (click on the Monitor icon of the GOIM package) - or if you want to get notified of all news on this page, register and login and 'monitor' the News Forum.

Source Code

The easiest way to build from source code is to download Eclipse SDK (3.2) and Subclipse. After installing both and downloading the source code through subversion you would only need to click 'Export Product' in goim.product - See DeveloperGuide for more information.

If you have any problems, let me know (Feedback - jabber: / email:

Source is maintained in a subversion repository: Web SubVersion / SVN Repository:

you can use the following command to retrieve the whole source code if you have installed the subversion command line client:

svn co goim

Altough if you want to hack GOIM you should consider using eclipse and download the sources using Subclipse.

You may also want to check out the DeveloperGuide

Comment by yeduojun at 2007-06-25 13:00:26 (Downloads/1)
i would like to help test goim
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