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About GOIM - Gamers Own Instant Messenger

GOIM is a full featured open source Instant Messenging client based on the open source Jabber/XMPP protocol. It was primarily developed to appeal to gamers so it not only transmits your presence status (like available, away, do not disturb) but also on which server you are currently playing which game. This way you can see where your friends are playing and join them with a single click.

See Features for a more complete list of features.

Crossplatform / Technology

GOIM is based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform and therefore java. So all of GOIM's functionality is cross plattform and can be used on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS - The only exception beeing platform specific code to detect game connections as well as the InGameMessenger. (Note: I'm currently only creating releases for Windows (x86) and Linux (x86, with GTK) - If you have problems building GOIM from sources or would like to help me create releases for other platforms contact me - see Feedback.)


GOIM is at it's heart a jabber client - with an simple extension to transmit information about the game you are playing (this extension is perfectly valid for the Jabber/XMPP protocol and works without any problems with other jabber servers and won't break other clients).

Jabber has many advantages over most other IM protocols - It provides an open protocol which is implemented by dozens of servers and clients. It has a decentralized server structure (like email) so you have the freedom of choice which server you are using as well as which client you want to use. And if you are unhappy with your client just switch to another one - your contact list (roster) will go with you.

You could also use more than one client at the same time (e.g. on different PCs) and still use the same account - ie. you can login as often as you wish into a single jabber account.

If you are having friends using other IM services you can use jabber gateways to communicate with them. (Gateways are server-side components which allow you transparent communication with other IM protocols). There are dozens of gateways to ICQ, AIM, MSN, yahoo, and of course my own for Xfire: http://xfirelib.sphene.net/wiki/show/XFireGateway

Contact Info

Please see Feedback.

I'm always happy to hear comments about GOIM, this website or anything related. Just drop me a jabber message: kahless@sphene.net or email: herbert.poul@gmail.com

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