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2006-10-01 01:50:37 - Status / GOIM 2.0.0 Progress
Herbert Poul (Kahless) It's been a while since the last release, so i'm just giving a short status update.. Since 3 months (ie. since the release of GOIM 1.1) I'm developing on GOIM 2.0 which main feature enhancement will be native support for multiple Protocols. (Beside beeing practically rewritten from scratch) - It currently works with Jabber (still the main protocol ..) and Oscar (ICQ/AIM) - and i hope to integrate xfire before the release of GOIM 2.0 (which i want to release in november).

I've put up a small collection of TODOs for myself at which is by no means complete or anything, but it helps providing an overview on which tasks are left open and need attention.

I'm going to update it every now and then and mark tasks as done, or add new ones as i feel the need to do so :)
2006-12-01 16:55:24 - Re: Status / GOIM 2.0.0 Progress
sssSCH november is over. please don't let your fans wait too long without a very very good excuse ;)
2006-12-01 21:46:35 - Re: Re: Status / GOIM 2.0.0 Progress
Herbert Poul (Kahless) hi,
sorry for not reporting any progress.. but i'm quite busy looking into ECF (eclipse communication framework) and thinking about how to make best use of it within GOIM

i think it makes no sense to make my own abstraction layer for IMs and implement jabber, icq, etc. all on my own (altough it's already done by ~80% for GOIM2) .. it has big benefits to reuse an existing framework which already has good support and which's support is likely to increase ;)

since it's kind of hard for me to rethink everything and try to figure out how to do everything with ECF .. please have a little patient for another 1 - 2 months :( ... in the meantime .. there is still GOIM 1 ;) .. i'll might still add smaller feature enhancements and bug fixes on request ;) (altough .. nothing major)

2007-02-16 01:12:46 - Re: Status / GOIM 2.0.0 Progress
DGMurdockIII i would like to help test goim

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